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World Prematurity Day

Today is World Prematurity Day! On this day I am recalling with gratitude all of those who supported us throughout the time of Hope's birth. It was a time of great uncertainty and so many held us in prayer, extended gifts and acts of kindness. For the care we received from the medical and surrounding community we will be forever grateful.

First Hold - Christmas Day 1996

Hope was born the day before Thanksgiving and this photo is of the first time I was able to hold her, Christmas Day 1996. One month which seemed like an eternity. A month that was made much more bearable due to the love, support and care that we received.

Today, I am honored to be able to support others who find themselves in the same situation by rocking at the Sanford NICU.

Each week when they entrust me to hold in my arms another preemie, I am reminded of this very first hold and what that meant to me.

Thank you to all those who care for these precious little ones, for your work truly makes a world of difference in the lives of their families.