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Welcome to Having a Little Hope. For some time now I have dreamt about creating a place for parents/families who have or know and love preemies.

When you experience having a child in the NICU or a special needs child of any kind, it is important to find others to connect with and support each other. While each person experiences the challenges and joys of the NICU differently, we still all have some commonalities as well. The shock, entering a new world of the NICU, the emotional rollercoaster, and clinging to that one thing we always have....Hope.

I volunteer two days a week rocking babies in a Fargo, ND NICU.

Here is some background information on me:

Background: ND Farm girl,. Graduated with 3 students in my class. Great family.

Education: Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, BA Business Administration, Communications & Marketing with an emphasis in Advertising

Work experience: I have kind of a varied work experience, was recruited several times for new jobs by clientèle. I have learned a lot with each job I have taken and met some great people along the way. So, I have worked at; a prepreshouse doing Mac & Scitex work, a photofinisher managing the digital imaging department, a printing company doing color correction and system administration, an advertising agency as a designer, a newspaper as the web producer, and as the Graphics Director and adjunct instructor at Concordia College in Moorhead. Today, I own my own design and consulting business. Whew, let me just say I while I have had some great ones, I like my boss now the best.

Photography: I love to shoot, I don't necessarily do it for hire, but is a nice way to get out into the world, and focus on the beauty of it all. You will find some galleries of my shots on this site. Not all fabulous, but I have a great time getting out there and just having fun. I currently shoot with a Nikon D80 camera.

Other interests: Painting, chalk drawing, printmaking, mosaic, stained glass, sculpture, glass slumping. I love to travel, and to take photos while I am there.

Family: Yes! I have one and love them tons. Husband; Tom. Daughters; Hope & Megan. Dog; Moxie

Websites: My professional website/blog: