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Callie Medders

Callie Medders, 2, Fargo David Samson/The ForumCallie Medders

  • Born: Nov. 4, 2007, at 24 weeks
  • Weight at birth: 1 pound
  • Parents: Jason and Kelli Medders, Fargo
  • Then: The Medders made news in 2007 when Kelli was pregnant with identical quadruplet girls. They were labeled babies A, B, C and D, and named accordingly. Annika died in the womb that October. Daley died minutes after birth. Berkley lived for three days. Callie spent 209 days in a Minneapolis hospital before coming home.
  • Now: Callie runs to the door and shouts “Hi Dad!” when she sees his red and yellow van pull up to their house. Jason describes her as a “handful.”

    “She has not slowed down a minute from her birth,” Kelli said. “She’s a fighter. She hasn’t learned she can slow down and quit fighting.”

    Callie received supplemental oxygen until this January, and her parents had to guard her from germs. A cold would send her to the hospital. But ever since this summer, she can run errands, go to restaurants and church with her parents. This has provided her with new social experiences.

    “Her biggest struggle now is still being fed with a feeding tube and not wanting to eat,” Kelli said. She also has regular speech and physical therapy.

    In April, Kelli gave birth to another baby girl. Sadie weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces at birth. Older brother Wyatt started kindergarten at Horace Mann Elementary this fall.